Locksmith Tips

Locksmith Tips

Everyone wants to feel secure in their own property. Your property is the place where you relax, sleep, and spend quiet times with your family. This is where you and your family go after a long day at work or school. Of course, you do not want to feel unsecured while you are in your own house. What you can do is to make sure that your house has security features that are in excellent condition. This is why you should hire a Dave locksmith who can take care of your home’s security features.

Main entrances

You have to pay more attention to your house’s main doors and entryways such as your front door and backdoor and all to the external doors. Dave locksmith can install deadbolt locks in these main entrances to ensure that no trespassers and robbers can break in. Locksmith in North London knows the right kind of lock for main doors that cannot be easily picked. For example, they will ensure that your door locks are at least compline to British standard insurance.
All external wooden doors should have Deadlocks British Standard. We can recommend fitting internal bolts. All the UPVC doors should have anti snap, anti-bump cylinders. Please make sure that all the external doors with features locks; you can call us today for free advice. There are different locks in different ranges, Please make sure to get more secured locks.

Another locksmith tip is to choose sturdy materials for your door such as steel or solid wood instead of a flimsy and hollow material that can be easily kicked in.


You also need to install locks in your windows. Since windows are usually made of glass or other materials that are not as sturdy as steel or solid wood, you should consider installing steel bars outside the window to prevent trespassers from breaking the window and entering. You can ask Dave locksmith to install steel bars that can be opened whenever you feel like looking outside your window without seeing steel bars. We offer all kind of locks for sash windows normal opening windows, sliding windows. Please feel free to contact us.

Cabinets and safes

One important locksmith tip that is always to install secure locks in your cabinets where you keep important papers and documents. You can also purchase a safe with a secure locking system. This is especially important if you live with other people, like a share house. And even if you live with your family, you should still keep your documents secure in a locked cabinet or safe.

Security systems

You should also consider hiring a locksmith who can install an effective security system in your home which includes locks, security cameras, and alarms. This is another service offered by a Dave locksmith. Installing a security system is especially important if you have a big house which is very difficult to monitor or if you are always away for long periods of time.

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