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There were 770,443 crimes (all notifiable offences) committed in London in 2012/13, down 5.5 per cent on the year before. Read More


We offer a full commercial locksmith service throughout North London. Read More


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“Wanted to say huge thanks to Dave Locksmith which organized my vacation.”
I was so worried that we going to miss our flight to our summer holyday. Our passports were at the safe, I have stupidly forgotten the code (6 hours before the departure). Called Dave Locksmith and was very happy to hear that they able to help me ASAP, the engineer arrived after 15 min. He opened my safe without any damage, was able to change the code and the most important thing he charged me a very good price!!
Anna Black, Muswell Hill, London
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“We just moved in to a new house and wanted to upgrade the security of our locks. ”
Called a few companies in order to receive a quote for 3 lock’s change. Dave Locksmith gave us the best quote. The job was done great and we are very happy with the result. Absolutely feel safer now. Thanks.
Mark Frank, Finchley, London
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“Found myself being locked out at late night. Rang two companies without getting any reply.”
Thank God the third company I rang they answered the call and sent me an engineer that arrived 20 min within my call. Was very kind and very professional. Unlocked my door in couple of minutes. Many thanks guys for your prompt service.
Katie Lorens, Islington, London
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