Types Of Locks

There are a huge number of locks in Great Britain. It differs in sizes, shapes, colors and levels of security.

As a rule all locks separates into Mortice Locks, Rim Locks, Lever Locks and Cylinder locks.

Thus, the locks that fit into the edge of the wooden door called mortice locks. These types of locks are separated into sash lock and deadlock versions.

Rim locks are the locks that you can see from internal side of the door. Rim locks was designed many years ago, thereby it’s very popular in Great Britain.

Lever Locks is the locks which key contains a row of notches. Thus in order to operate the locks, the key should interact with the set of levers.

And when all levers successfully raised, the key is able to open the lock. Cylinder locks is the locks which key has a quantity of ridges.

In order to operate the lock the key should interact with the pins inside the cylinder and in the case if the key will succeed to raise all pins the lock will be opened.

However, not all locks are good enough. If you want to save your budget on home insurance, you should install the locks with high security level of protection.

Therefore, we are strongly recommending you to use only British Standard Locks. But what is British Standard Locks?

This is the high security locks tested and approved by British Standards Institution. All locks tested in situations closed to real burglary.

British Standard Locks has a stronger resistance from burglary than their cheaper versions.

Thus, even professional burglars have to spend a lot of time to break in British Standard Lock. But in this case they are likely to be caught by the police.

Therefore, there is big chance thieves will not to choose the house with high security British Standard Locks.

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